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Thursday evening at the Leawood Pioneer Library (7 PM) we’ll discuss “Life in a Jar: The Irene Sendler Project” by Jack Mayer. This fascinating book is relevant today, especially in light of events in Syria. I’d suggest a few questions for discussion:

  1. Do you believe “Who changes one person, changes the world whole.” a quote from the Jewish Talmud?
  2. What single event in the book had the greatest impact on you? Describe and explain.
  3. Did you find the background on the three Kansas students who started the Irene Sendler Project distracting, unnecessary, essential or complementary to the story?
  4. On page 29, Mr. C. says, “But people like Oskar Schindler and Irena Sendler – they are the people we all wish we could be – ordinary people who made a big difference. And so can you. Anything you do to repair the world is heroic.” Do you agree? Why or why…

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